Military Vehicles

Resized RH view

Norwegian M-52

Norwegian armed forces bicycle from the 1950’s

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Triumph WO/3SW

Replica of an armoured Triumph motorcycle built in 1940

G3 Normandy France June 2009 - Re sized

Matchless WO/G3

War Office specification military Matchless G3 motorcycle.

Matchless G3l Bar-None Racer 1942 Re-sized

Matchless WD/G3-l

Bar-None Motorcycle Club replica 1942 Matchless G3-L

M20 Normandy France June 2009 Re-sized

B.S.A. WD/M20

War Department specification 1944 B.S.A. M20

Lingfield 2013 re-sized

IZH M-72

Soviet Union motorcycle combination 1956

Chobham common June 2020

Honda XR-250

69-00-KL served with 22-S.A.S. Regiment    1994-2000

Bar-none m.c.c.

Links to history and photographs of the Bar-None Motorcycle Club.

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Dodge WC-51

Dodge Weapons Carrier Model-51 in British service 1944