B.S.A. Bantam



Started life as a standard road-going motorcycle, modified for use in pre-1965 trials events by previous owners.

Bought by Ron Heel as a present for his wife Eileen in the 1990’s and passed to us to look after in 2007.

Modifications :
Speedometer, horn, lights and all electrics removed.
Head replaced with items from later model D10/D14.
Mudguards and petrol tank replaced to save weight with aluminium components.
Duel seat replaced with single lighter and smaller item.
Front wheel rebuilt with 21” rim replacing 18” original to improve ground clearance.
Rear wheel rebuilt with wider rim to allow fitment of larger tyre.
Both wheels now shod with knobbly tyres for improved grip.
Lower single frame rail removed and replaced with two smaller and higher tubes to improve ground clearance
and act as crankcase protection when going over obstacles .
Large rear sprocket to reduce gear ratios.
Trials handlebars and rear-set footrests added to improve off road control.
High-level exhaust for ground clearance.
With the above modifications the ground clearance has been increased from 6-3/4″ to 8-3/4″


B.S.A. Bantam d-5 1958

Engine : B.S.A. 175cc 2-stroke single

Gearbox 3-speed